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Make Your Cash Handling Easy With eWallie

With eWallie send and receive money, pay bills, buy goods and services, do online shopping, pay salaries, and more.

About Us
eWallie is an electronic wallet platform that allows users to send and receive money, pay bills, buy goods and services, do online shopping, pay salaries.
eWallie is also an innovative and secured e-commerce platform that facilitates trade and commerce through electronic payments.
At the business level, eWallie provides a solid business solution enabling vendors/businesses to manage the stocks/inventories, oversee cashiers in realtime, track payments and orders, and so much more.

We are not just a money platform, we offer More....

eWallie supports VISA and Master Cards which allows customers to easily topup their wallet and make transactions without needing to interact with any agent. Additionally, we integrated our plattform with some local banks which makes it easier to move all your cash direclty to your bank account and vice versal.

What We Offer
Convenient Digital Mobile Wallet Plattform for Local and International Users.
Online Selling & Shopping
Small, Medium, & Large Business Solutions
Salary Payment for Corporate Organizations
Know our user's features

Business/Vendor Account

Start your business account today on eWallie and start accepting instant payments from customers on our plattorm.
If you're a boss and have people handling your cash, there's no need to worry because we have you covered with our real-time Cashier Section, giving an entire oversight of every transaction being done.
Additionally, we have you cover with your Personal Inventory Management which makes it easy to add all your products and services and allows our customer to make purchases and place orders with no stress.

Personal/Regular Account

eWallie Personal/Regular Account gives you a whole bunch of cool feature right from your phone.
You can Send and Receive Cash (both Locally and Internationally)
You can make online Payments & also pay for Bills & Subscription Services (SATCON, etc.)
You are also provided an innovative eCommerce plattform to ease your online purchases.

Trusted Party Account

Have money and looking for place to invest? As a Trusted Party, eWallie makes you your own boss.
You manage your own eWallie Agent Network. The more they transact with our customers, the more profit you make. If you are interested, you can simply contact eWallie Team at eWallie Incorporated

Agent Account

Our agents allow you to easily TopUp your wallet balances.
Our agents also allow you to widthdraw money from your Wallet.
You can still send cash to any eWallie Customer without having an eWallie. Just visit any agent in your area.